About Benchmark Fitness Personal Training

"The most attractive thing anyone can wear is a smile –
something money can’t buy and no shop sells."
Stefanie Visser, Founder and Owner at Benchmark Fitness PT

Cert III in Fitness, Cert IV Master Trainer Personal Training, Matwork Pilates Teacher, Group Fitness Instructor, Nutritionist. 

I am a 1969 vintage and proud mum of 2 gorgeous kids.


My background is German and I came to Australia in 1999. I have a Sales and Marketing Degree and a never ending love and desire for teaching and educating. 


I was lucky enough to be a stay at home mum and enjoyed every minute of it! 8 years later, it was time to get back to work, I was getting restless and a bit bored. Trying to get back into my old career proved to be impossible as I had been out of the workforce for too long. The pay was horrible too and the prospect having my kids in after school care and sitting at a desk for 8+ hours a day didn't entice at all. Part time work just wasn't available. 


As well as looking for work in  2008, I started my own weight loss journey. After having kids I was a bit chubby and wanted to go back to look and feel my absolute best when I hit 40. Also my self esteem was pretty low, which probably didn't help the looking for work adventures either....

Within 9 months I achieved my goal, kept the weight off since then and gained strength/muscle instead. I exercised regularly, reduced my portions (not going back for second serves to start with...)  and had a Personal Trainer (Forever grateful, Eli). It was also my personal trainer who pointed me in the right direction with regards to becoming a PT myself and the rest is history....My passion for exercise had returned. 


I went on to a "Pathway to PT" Plan to find out if this is really the right thing for me to do and I loved it! From there I moved into running my own business and being a Personal Trainer for a nice little gym in Dural, NSW and also at a corporate gym in Ryde and Ultimo, NSW, where I teach Pilates, supervise the gym and train clients. 


After finishing my Matwork Pilates course with Claire Norgate and a refresher with Studio Pilates I added a Nutritionist qualification, I'm now on my next path, to become a Reformer Pilates instructor, also via Studio Pilates


...And I have a confession to make:


I’m not your “usual” personal trainer. 

I don’t work out 2 hours every day, I don’t even work out every day and I hate running, however I have lots of other exciting and wonderful stuff going on in my life and I’m sure you have as well. I love cooking and eating, too!


I’m passionate about sharing useful, genuine information about fitness, real food, weight loss and mindset and to guide you into the right direction on your path to health.


I also believe that your workouts have to suit your lifestyle and not the other way around!


Workouts should be fun, get the endorphins going, relief stress and make you feel wonderful.


The day has 24 hours for all of us, it just depends on your priorities.

“Easy to say” I hear your mutter, “if you slug away in the city from 9-5, catch the bus at 7.30am to get there and aren’t home before 7pm, shopping, cooking, washing, general housework”….


Do you have kids? Doing the school run every day, carting them to several activities in the week, homework, dancing concerts, concerts, Easter hat parades……….yes, been there, done that. And yes, it is hard. But I do believe in the saying, where’s a will, there’s a way.


With all that in mind, I'm sure you can find some time to look after your health.